Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) – Helping Hand Register

Fife Voluntary Action and Fife Council have created the Helping Hand Register to help co-ordinate anyone offering support to vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

People can register to volunteer or make services aware of those needing assistance.

Find out more here.

Time to self-isolate

I can hardly believe that it’s almost five months since I posted on here. It’s been one thing after another in the intervening months, good and bad, so here’s the potted summary …

My last post was done in China, where I’d been spending a tortuous six weeks on an unavoidable trip as it included wifey’s daughter’s wedding. Even I couldn’t get out of that. Then, soon after arriving back in the UK at the beginning of November I spent the next ten weeks with an awful chest infection. Looking now at the timing and the surrounding symptoms I have to think to myself “Was it an early dose of Covid-19 that I’d picked up on the plane on the way home?”. Who knows?

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My heart is just breaking

Pham Thin Tra My

It is believed (according to this article) that the young lady pictured above, Pham Thin Tra My, may have been one of the unfortunate victims of the horrific discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated container in Essex this week.

Having read in the article of her last texts to her mother my heart just bleeds.

May the angels cherish her and the 38 others for eternity, and may all the fires of Hell rain down on those involved in people smuggling.

If you are out there and thinking of trying to make use of that method to gain access to another country, please don’t. It isn’t worth the risk!

In a state of shock. Good shock!

Those of you who know me well will be aware that I have struggled financially for many years, my only personal income being some meagre pensions which I had to draw out many years too early in order to survive after my accident almost 13 years ago.

That is about to change.

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